Tools & Utilities > Voice Recognition
  • Vlingo 3.1.0

    Control your phone with your voice

  • Advanced Lie Detector Plus 2.5.2
    Advanced Lie Detector Plus

    A Free Tools & Utilities app for Android

  • Robin 4.31

    Put an assistant on your Android for free

  • Dragon Mobile Assistant 5.9.0
    Dragon Mobile Assistant

    Dragon's Siri competitor comes to Android

  • Dragon Go! 1.1
    Dragon Go!

    Words that are spoken are shown on the screen

  • Voice Changer 2 1.0
    Voice Changer 2

    Have fun disguising your voice

  • Voice Changer 1.0
    Voice Changer

    Have fun seeing what you sound like with a different vocal range or cartoon sound

  • Dicty Lite 1.2
    Dicty Lite

    Speech and voice recognition by synthesis in more than thirty languages.

  • Voice Changer HD 6
    Voice Changer HD

    The application recognizes your voice and changed by a friendly voice to laugh.

  • Caller Name Talker 2.2
    Caller Name Talker

    Amazing call talker for your better use